PIPS Technology Sharpens its License Plate Recognition Solutions

During the 2018 National Sherriff Association Conference and Expo, PIPS Technology unveiled the latest additional to its wide range of ALPR solution – the new Multi-Lane ALPR camera TS-500 and an upcoming new Mobile ALPR solution. The visitors to PIPS booth also had the opportunity to preview this new Automatic Vehicle Identification function featured in PIPS back office system.

The TS-500 multi-lane camera has PIPS and Neology’s innovation signature inside and out. The camera can cover single, two, and three adjacent lanes from a single camera platform, and offers many new features like video streaming, dual OCR and Deep Learning. It can capture distances from 4-40 meters (13-130 feet) and is available as fixed lens or user adjustable, motorized zoom lensing options. PIPS believes the TS-500 is the superior ALPR device in the market, offering the best in class performance and more features than other ALPR instruments, yet it’s very easy to install, calibrate and operate.

Besides the TS-500 multi-lane camera, PIPS also featured its next generate Mobile ALPR solution which is aimed to launch in 2018. The new system is POE (powered over ethernet) with new sensors for higher-resolution and better image quality, improved low-light capabilities, and at least 35% more Field-of-View / lane coverage. The POE cable with RJ45 makes the installation easier and more flexible, enabling this solution to be used in many new applications. The new design is backward compatible with current PIPS auxiliaries which provides the best and most cost economical path for system upgrade for the current PIPS customers.

In addition to the innovation in devices, PIPS also showed and demonstrated its new Automatic Vehicle Identification featured in the back office system (BOSS). The new feature automatically identifies Vehicle Classification Characteristics such as color, make, model, type, stickers and issuing states, etc. The users can search based on these characteristics in BOSS. For example, a BOSS user can search for all red BMW sedan with a license plate that has the letter A during certain time in specified location. Combined with license plate query functionality, the new version of BOSS unlocks many possibilities with thienew Automatic Vehicle Identification feature.

PIPS Technology is a business of Neology and is the leading supplier of ALPR solution globally in the past 20 years. Supported by Neology’s strategy and empowered by its innovation capability, PIPS Technology continues with the development of innovative detection solutions and helping build a smarter and safer world!

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