PIPS Technology™ closes out 2018 with new product orders

PIPS IRIS, the new automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) camera platform, has proven itself in the field, resulting in orders for several hundred cameras to be delivered in Q1 FY19.

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 11, 2018 – PIPS Technology™, a business division of Neology and a leading provider of Automatic Number/License Plate Recognition (ANPR/ALPR) solutions, has received orders for several schemes totaling several hundred units in Europe and North America for the latest addition to its portfolio.

PIPS Technology™ is a pioneer of detection innovation and has deployed over 50,000 ALPR systems in more than 100 countries. Built upon PIPS 30 plus years of experience in license plate recognition, PIPS IRIS is a versatile, all-in-one, and high performance ALPR/ANPR solution for law enforcement, open road tolling, average speed, low emission, access control and other traffic monitoring activities.

“The flexibility of PIPS IRIS has proven itself as it is introduced to the market with several customers, new and existing, placing orders for several hundred units.” said Luke Normington, the Global General Manager of PIPS Technology. “What is especially interesting is the variety of use cases which the product is being bought for, ranging from Parking Management and Traffic Monitoring through to Law Enforcement solutions. The feedback from those customers is that they fully recognize the value to their business and operations that a high performance ANPR/ALPR solution brings and hence why they have opted for the PIPS IRIS solution.”

The PIPS IRIS platform is the latest member of the PIPS Technology™ portfolio and when coupled with PIPS Technology™ own software solutions, including the latest Deep Learning Recognition technology for License Plate recognition, provides a turn-key solution for modern mobility and security challenges.

“Here at PIPS Technology™ we are proud of our heritage and excited about the future. Our vision to “Drive Detection Innovation” is firmly rooted in the release of PIPS IRIS and with several new exciting projects being announced and products being launched in we are in an exciting phase” said Luke. “We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our existing customers for their continued business in 2018 , wish them a happy festive period and we look forward to working with customers, existing and new, in 2019 as the portfolio expands.”

PIPS IRIS is available now from Neology directly as well as from certified channel partners and integrators. The camera has full backwards compatibility of firmware options offered on historical stationary PIPS Technology™ cameras.

For more information about PIPS IRIS visit: http://www.pipstechnology.com/fixedalpr/

About Neology:

Neology is a leading provider of integrated end-to-end solutions for the tolling, electronic vehicle registration (EVR) and public safety markets. The company is a pioneer and leader in the development of passive RFID technology owning some of the earliest and most significant intellectual property (IP) in the industry. For more information, visit www.neology.net

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