Parsons and Neology help cities move safely

  • The association of Parsons ‘ ability to scale technological solutions in transport works with Neology’s innovative technological solutions allows state and local agencies to bring more value to their citizens.

Parsons Corporation and Neology Inc today announced the formation of a strategic partnership to jointly pursue opportunities in the critical infrastructures, mobility and transportation markets.

“Our partnership opens previously untapped market potential in the mobility and critical infrastructure spaces, allowing both companies to continue helping governments succeed at their mission of serving their citizens”, said Carey Smith, president and COF of Parsons.

Through this strategic partnership, governments will have more innovative options when seeking to improve the safety, security and sustainability of their critical infrastructure.

“Neology is excited to work with Parsons in developing new opportunities and solutions in these growing markets. By working with Parsons, Neology
is able to leverage our best in class technology and participate on significant projects”, said Francisco Martínez, CEO of Neology.

The innovation and technology that both companies have will make the world safer, healthier and more connected.

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