PAGIS Software

In a mobile ALPR deployment, the PAGIS provides the graphical user interface (GUI) and in-car software for feeding processed license plate images to the officer driving the vehicle. In real time, the software compares these images to plates found on federal or local hotlists. The field officer will be alerted at moment’s notice when a match occurs. Officers may even prioritize hotlists to receive alerts accordingly.

The PAGIS was designed to provide significant productivity and safety improvements as compared to traditional, manual license plate searches. While an officer patrols, the PAGIS is consistently running in the background; checking each and every captured plate against one or more databases of interest. Each of the captured plates are automatically recorded and saved with the associated infrared plate image, corresponding OCR translation, color plate image, date and time stamp, GPS coordinate, and relevant data from hotlist (in the event of a hit). The search functionality in the PAGIS allows officers to use the saved information and query data of interest against multiple search parameters such as time, date, full or partial plate, and/or location; or manually enter data for immediate use of new intelligence.


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • MDC/laptop or touch screen monitor
  • Direction indicator to alert o cer which camera captured the “hit”
  • Monitoring of officer action taken — ie: pulled car over, arrested suspect, issued ticket, etc.
  • User configurable audio and visual alarms
  • Wirelessly transfer data to/from BOSS


  • Officer Safety—providing officers with greater spatial awareness
  • Reduction in profiling claims—the system compares each and every captured plate regardless of driver condition
  • Discrete evidence collection—can be used to record digital images (like graffiti) for evidential purposes
  • Data protection—uses data encryption to eliminate evidence tampering


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