PIPS Mobile Processor SX4 gets an upgrade

Designed specifically for versatile on-street law enforcement environments, the Mobile ALPR Processor SX4 has undergone essential upgrades to its hardware and operating software, including a faster processor and smaller design. It simultaneously supports up to four color and infrared PIPS Mobile ALPR Cameras, providing accurate reads on license plates across a wide range of applications including parking enforcement, site security, local law enforcement and highway patrol.

Along with improved processing speeds, the SX4 Processor is built with additional enhancements, such as a larger hard drive and more memory storage. In order to provide increased reliability over the previous model in on-street operating conditions, it includes improved BIOS operation to ensure continuous license plate reading in the event of battery failure.

“Designed to be more robust and capable of performing under a wide range of conditions, the PIPS Mobile ALPR Processor SX4 is an upgraded and improved system to ensure officers are working with the best PIPS ALPR tools available,” said Olivia He, global marketing manager for PIPS Traffic Safety and Security. “Since law enforcement officers are frequently working in fluctuating environments, we are excited to provide a processor that is consistently dependable, based on third-party testing in simulated field conditions.”

The PIPS Mobile ALPR Processor SX4 is not only more powerful and efficient than the previous processor, but is also more portable and user-friendly. The processing unit is lighter, smaller in size, consumes less power, produces less ambient noise and heat, and has a flexible orientation during installation, which allows for maximum use of space in the vehicle. The device also now features a larger range of operating and storage temperatures so it is able to withstand an increased range of temperatures that may affect the vehicle.

“Reliable technology is extremely important in the world of law enforcement, and we know how quickly technology can evolve and change,” said He. “Because of this, PIPS is committed to investing in innovations that consistently improve the lives of those who protect us each and every day.”