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Month: February 2018

PIPS Mobile Processor SX4 gets an upgrade

Designed specifically for versatile on-street law enforcement environments, the Mobile ALPR Processor SX4 has undergone essential upgrades to its hardware and operating software, including a faster processor and smaller design. It simultaneously supports up to four color and infrared PIPS Mobile ALPR Cameras, providing accurate reads on license plates across a wide range of applications including parking enforcement, site security, local law enforcement and highway patrol. Along with improved processing speeds, the SX4 Processor is built with additional enhancements, such as a larger hard drive and more memory storage. In order to provide increased reliability over the previous model in on-street operating conditions, it includes improved BIOS operation to ensure continuous license plate reading in the event of battery failure. “Designed to be more robust and capable of performing under a wide range of conditions, the PIPS Mobile ALPR Processor […]

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