BOSS Software

The central repository for all license plate data along with tools to support data analysis, queries, and reporting.

The BOSS organizes and archives the vast amount of data that mobile and/or fixed ALPR deployments collect. It allows users to search for suspects using basic parameters such as time, date, and plate number (full or partial). Additionally, investigators tracking or looking for a particular vehicle can search a chosen radius around a known address or map location that may be associated with that license plate.

In fixed site applications, license plate data is fed directly into the BOSS. The data is compared to any number of motor vehicle hotlists and if a match occurs; alerts are deployed wirelessly as authorized by the administrator of the system.

In mobile applications, hotlist comparisons are done using software in a moving vehicle. Hits identified in vehicle can be alerted simultaneously to the BOSS. Administrators can designate, based upon the severity of the matched database or hotlist, which alerts are announced to the BOSS.


  • Administrator defined access levels
  • Seamless sharing of hotlists, reads, and alerts between agencies utilizing BOSS
  • Remote notification via email or text messaging
  • Custom alert sounds/notices can pass to mobile deployments
  • Capable of processing immense hotlists and deploying them wirelessly to mobile devices
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Available in multiple languages


  • Ease of administration
  • Easy access to large amounts of historical and real-time data
  • Data protection using data encryption
  • Powerful investigative and analysis tool


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